Killarney National park


"Dan the Feathers"

Killarney Castle and Dan the Feathers

Here once lived a man called Donal MacCarthy not only known for his fondness for Women and Drink but for his fascination for Feathers from Plum Helmets of the Queens forces.

He was known in England as the "Robin Hood of Munster"

but locally he was known as "Dan the Feathers"

Donal MacCarthy, "Dan the Feathers"

Donal was also a religious man as he proved by building Muckross Abbey. He was also said to be a strong leader in these troubled times. Years later an attack from Cromwell's General Ludlow and his troops burnt Muckross Abbey along with attacking the Castlelough Castle (on the grounds of the Lake Hotel). I suppose it was inevitable as he had sent many smaller armies packing over the years that the "Mother of all armies would arrive one day" Arrive it did and all the wars with Cromwell's forces ended on the Lakes of Killarney.

Today some locals still use the expression "Dan the Feathers" and what it basically means is your a bad man or a ruthless man. Donal McCarthy was said to have made a bed with these Feathers from the Plum Helmet worn by her Majesty's soldiers and treasured them dearly. Rumor has it that the bed was even seen in the Lake Hotel in the early 1800's (I wonder did Queen Victoria on her visit sleep on it !!)


So now when anyone asks you who the hell is "Dan the Feathers"

well now you know.

It has also been said that his Ghost has been seen traveling on the Lake on calm foggy nights
and later has been seen in the "Devils Punchbowl" bar at the Lake Hotel
in the early hours with a pint of the black stuff enjoying female company.

He is probably thinking If I were only still King !

After all he was Donal MacCarthy known to some as "The Last King"
He died quietly and now rests in Muckross Abbey overlooking the Castle and the Lake Hotel.


For some (locals) he will always be known as "Dan the Feathers"





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