Where to stay in Killarney Lakeside setting

Where to stay in Killarney Lakeside setting

Where to stay in Killarney, 12th Century Castle on the grounds

Where to stay in Killarney? Location, Location, Location !!!

Where to stay, we recommend the Lake Hotel where Room rates are competitive.

There are many reasons to stay in Killarney because of its great location and easy access to the South West of Ireland, the Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Gap of Dunloe, Beara Peninsula, The Killarney National Park and so much more. It is an ideal stopover and we would also recommend adding at least an extra day here on your Vacation.

When it comes to Where to stay in Killarney the Lake Hotel offers the following

Ten Reasons to stay at the Lake Hotel:

  1. True Irish hospitality from an Irish  family running hotels for 4 Generations
  2. Location, Location, Location more spectacular scenery (top image) in Killarney and Kerry
  3. Situated on the Ring of Kerry adjoining and looking on the Killarney National park
  4. Four-Star luxury with free internet, Outdoor Hot Tub, Free Parking and great walks on the Grounds.
  5. Friendly staff and efficient service, a choice of two Lake View Restaurants.
  6. The Lake Hotel is a Hub for the following to name a few: Ring of Kerry, Gap of Dunloe, Dingle Peninsula, Beara Peninsula, Skellig’s Boat Trip, Killarney National Park, Golf Courses, Horse Riding, Cycling, Walking and anything Outdoors.
  7. Nature on your doorstep and Wildlife not seen by any other Hotel in Ireland, Eagles + Native Red Deer can be seen here, especially the Red Deer.
  8. There is a 12th Century Floodlit Castle on the Grounds and Muckross Abbey is a one-mile walk into the National park.
  9. Relaxing Lounges, Library and Meeting rooms for group briefings.
  10. Photographers dream. Come and see the Views.


Killarney Restaurants

Killarney Lake Hotel Restaurants

Where to stay in Killarney

Where to stay in Killarney what a view

Killarney Hotel Hot tub

Killarney Hotel Hot tub

Where to stay in Killarney, on the Ring of Kerry, the Lake Hotel is situated on the Ring and you could say the Ring of Kerry begins and ends at the Lake Hotel. We also have easy access to the Killarney National Park on our doorstep. Muckross Abbey is a short 1.5 km walk from the hotel and the McCarthy Mor Castle is 150 m from the Hotel and is floodlit at night.

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What to do in Killarney in 2020

What to do in Killarney in 2020

What to do in Killarney in 2020


2020 is a strange year for all of us, but it is not over yet, let us take a look how we can enjoy some experiences in Killarney that will help us forget the negative side of 2020.

Why Killarney ?

The main reason is the space, the Great Outdoors it has to offer yet providing great options for accommodation, from camping to the top hotels.

Innisfallen Abbey Killarney

Innisfallen Abbey Killarney

Like most areas in Ireland they will be creating social distancing and the same is true in Killarney but then we feel Killarney has an advantage, its such a competitive town anyway each business will be doing their best to make your vacation in Killarney so memorable and that you feel safe.

Here are some fantastic places you can visit around Killarney:


Many of these can be reached by Driving and walking a short distance or by Walking and cycling from your accommodation.

  • Muckross Abbey
  • Torc Waterfall
  • Dinis Cottage Tearooms very spacious
  • Meeting of the Waters
  • Muckross House and Gardens
  • Ross Castle
  • The Old Copper Mines
  • Killarney House
  • Deenagh house tea room
Dinis Cottage Killarney

Dinis Cottage Killarney

By Bike / e-bike

  1. Muckross & Dinis 17km
  2. Knockreer, Ross Castle, Copper Mines, Governor’s Rock and Library Point
  3. The Gap of Dunloe & a beautiful Boat trip
  4. Muckross Abbey, House & Gardens along with Torc Waterfall
Cycling in Killarney

Cycling in Killarney National Park

Amazing places by Boat

  • Innisfallen Island & Abbey, they say Brian Boru High King of Ireland was educated here.
  • O’Sullivan’s Cascade
  • Glena House
  • Muckross House & Dinis Cottage
  • Lord Brandons Cottage

Walking Trails in Killarney

  • Torc Mountain
  • Old Kenmare road
  • Mossy woods
  • Muckross & Dinis
  • Blue Pool
  • Ross Castle and the Copper Mines to Library Point
  • Muckross Gardens
  • Old Boathouse and Dundag Beach walk
Old Boathouse Walk

Old Boathouse Walk

Horse Riding in Killarney

  • Great Trails in the Killarney National Park from Killarney Riding stables

Killarney has many Bike rentals, Camping sites, Guest houses, Hotels, outdoor seating that have very spacious areas so you can feel safe in 2020. The town of Killarney is open for Business and welcoming visitors back this summer.

Killarney is the Gateway to the Kingdom of Kerry

Here are just a few of the many great spots outside Killarney to visit in 2020

  • The Gap of Dunloe
  • The Kerry Cliffs
  • Slea Head
  • Rossbeigh Beach
  • Inch Beach
  • The Skellig Chocolate Factory
  • Valentia Island
  • Drive around Caragh Lake

Activities in Kerry, so many to mention here are a few

  • Great Golf Courses
  • Driving the Ring of Kerry & the Skellig Ring
  • Cycling
  • Mountain climbing
  • Fishing
  • boating
  • Kayaking & Water Sports
  • Falconry
  • Surfing
  • Whale Watching



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E-Bikes in Killarney

E-Bikes in Killarney

E-Bikes in Killarney

E-bikes are now available in Killarney and are a great way to enjoy even more of the beautiful scenery Killarney has to offer.

Killarney Bike Rental now offers E-bikes along the other bikes available.

  • E-bikes
  • Mountain Bikes for the Gap of Dunloe
  • Killarney National park bikes
  • Kids bikes and trailers
  • Ring of Kerry Bikes 27-speed hybrid touring bikes ideal for longer cycles

The E-bikes available have the following specification:

Easy E-bikes include:

  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shift levers: Shimano 7 speed
  • Rear derailleur: Altus 7 speed
  • Motor: Bosch Active Line
  • Battery: Bosch Power Pack Frame Mount 300Wh, 36V
  • Display: Bosch Purion
  • Range: up to 148km from Eco mode




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Killarney & Kerry Images

Killarney & Kerry Images

Killarney & Kerry Images

Here are some random images and locations from Killarney and Kerry this year

Killarney Deer

Red Deer at the McCarthy Mór Castle on the grounds of the Lake Hotel

Dingle beaches

Clogher Strand in Dingle, one of the best beaches in Ireland to watch big waves

Paddle Boarding in Killarney

Paddle Surfer near the Lake Hotel in Killarney

Ring of Kerry Beaches

12th Century Derrynane Abbey on the Ring of Kerry

Slea Head Dingle

Near Slea Head and Coumennole Beach on the Dingle Peninsula

Skelligs from the Ring of Kerry

Skelligs from the main Ring of Kerry road between Waterville and Caherdaniel

Derrynane House Ring of Kerry

Derrynane House on the Ring of Kerry

Red Deer Killarney

Red Deer in the Killarney National park

Tech Amergin Monument Waterville

Tech Amergin Monument in Waterville on the Ring of Kerry

Kite Surfing in Kerry

Kite Surfing in Derrynane on the Ring of Kerry

Ogham Stone Caherdaniel

Derrynane Ogham Stone near the Ring of Kerry

Kerry Gaa flag

Kerry Flag, Storm Clouds brewing for 2020 GAA Football season in the “Kingdom of Kerry”.


Ring of Kerry Ireland from Vacation Killarney on Vimeo.

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Red Deer in the Killarney National Park

Red Deer in the Killarney National Park

Red Deer in the Killarney National Park

Take a trip into the Killarney National park to see our Native Red Deer herds.

You can see Red Deer in Killarney all year round but for us, the best times are in the late Spring for calving and most spectacular in the Autumn for the Annual “Deer Rut”. The best time to observe the Deer Rut is generally the second week in October each year. If you are patient or lucky you will be able to see great battles between rival Stags and guaranteed to hear the ghost-like sounds around the Lakes of Killarney and the National park.

One of the best ways to get around is by foot for the Mountain Woods, or by Cycling in the low lands of the National park. One of the easiest places is to visit Knochreer estate opposite Saint Mary’s Cathedral at the bottom of New Street. Here there is parking of if you are walking its a short walk if you are cycling even quicker. There is a large herd of Deer always present in this part of the National park.

In the Muckross House area of the National park, there are also quite a few herds of Native Deer to be seen and one herd present most of the time right across from the entrance to Muckross House.

More herds can also be found in fields on the Torc Mountain side of Muckross House along with a few herds on Mangerton Mountain and on the Old Kenmare road behind Torc Mountain.

Red Deer in Killarney

Red Deer in Killarney


Red Deer in Killarney by the Lake Hotel

Red Deer in Killarney by the Lake Hotel

Tuan the King of the Deer

Tuan the King of the Deer

“Tuan” the King of the Deer a name give to the Stag who wins the “Rut” battles in Castlelough each year, it is an old Irish name given to a Stag the Fianna gave free passage to. Tuan had magical powers and could transform into a Wild Boar and an Eagle.


If you like Photography we would recommend a 200 mm zoom lens minimum and remember its best to keep your distance and not hassle the Deer.

Killarney Red Deer at the Lake Hotel

Deer in Killarney

Red Mountain Deer Killarney

Red Mountain Deer Killarney

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Top things to do in Killarney

Top things to do in Killarney


Killarney in the Center of County Kerry and a great base to visit everything worthwhile, here are our Top Things to do in Killarney.

Our new Video will make you want to stay extra days in Killarney enjoy!

1. The first Top things to do in Killarney is a visit to Muckross Abbey, Muckross House & Gardens, Torc Waterfall and finish with a Beer or Lakeside Cocktail at the Lake Hotel it will be a great start to your visit to Killarney.

2. Drive the Ring of Kerry and Visit Valentia Island, the Kerry Cliffs and the Skellig Chocolate Factory and so much more to see.

3. Visit Muckross House and the National Park, Cycle or Walk

4. Cycle the Gap of Dunloe and Boat 13 miles on three Lakes back to Killarney.

5. Play Golf at Killarney, Ballybunion, Ring of Kerry or Waterville.

6. Visit the http://www.celticsteps.ie/ Traditional Music and Dance

7. Drive the Dingle Peninsula, Swim with a wild Dolphin, magnificent scenery!

8. Take a Jaunting Car ride in the National Park.

9. Climb Ireland’s Highest Mountain  Carrauntuohil 3,414 feet. (Not Alone or take a Guide!!)

10.  Surf the Atlantic Waves at Brandon Bay or at Inch Beach or the Reefs.

11. Visit the Lake Hotel for a relaxing drink overlooking Castle, Lakes and Mountains.

12. Drive to Healy Pass and the Beara Peninsula.

13. Dive in The Gulf Stream and experience some of the best Diving in the World !!!!!

14. Fish on the Lakes of Killarney with your own Ghillie or just take a tour on the Lake

15. Do a Pub Crawl in Killarney Town more than 40 pubs in 400-yard radius 🙂

16. Dine out in one of the many fine Restaurants in Killarney

17. Walk some of the Kerry Way walking Trails

18. Visit old Abbey’s and Castles walking distance from the Lake Hotel in Killarney.

19. Shopping in Killarney is a must before you leave Killarney.

20. Kiss the Blarney Stone

21. Visit Crag Caves in Castleisland

22. Walk on the most Magnificent Beach in the world at Derrynane

23. Boat and walk on Garnish Island

24. Drive to Gleanntassig park on the Dingle Peninsula and fish for Rainbow Trout

25. Visit the Hermits Hut & Well on Torc Mountain.

26. Soak in the Outdoor Hot tub at the Lake Hotel

27. Have for a cool beer/drink after soaking in the outdoor Hot Tub

28. Take a top-class show an Ireland’s National Event Centre (INEC)

29. See the Muckross Traditional Farms and how country life was in the 1920s

30. Soak in the atmosphere Killarney has to offer tourists to our Magnificent Town

31. View the newly reintroduced White Tailed Sea Eagles in the Killarney National Park and on the Lakes of Killarney.

32. Try the New Lakeside Bistro & Vegetarian / Vegan Menu overlooking the 12th Century Castle and the Lakes of Killarney

33. Boat trip to the Skellig Rock, 5th. Century Monastic settlement 700 feet up just amazing

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Walking in Killarney

Walking in Killarney

Walking in Killarney

Top 10 Walks in Killarney

Walking in Killarney is a magical experience, its natural beauty endless pathways and trails you can walk for hours and most walks are loop walks so they bring you back to where you started. Here are some examples of fantastic walks in Killarney to get you going

1. Walks around the Muckross Lake, Muckross Abbey, Muckross Abbey, Muckross House, Bricin Bridge, Dinis Cottage Tearooms, Meeting of the Waters & Torc Waterfall. (10 miles) Map & More ….  (loop)

2. Ross Castle and the Mining Trail Walking at Ross Castle Killarney is a magical experience where you can follow the Mining Trail and walks on Ross Island 1 – 6 miles. (loop)

3. The Gap of Dunloe

4. O’Sullivan’s Cascade

5. Walk the Old Kenmare Road late September & October enjoy the Red Deer Rutting, expect loud bellowing early morning late evenings are the best time.Friars Walk Killarney

6. Derrychunnihy (near Ladies View) to Lord Brandon’s Cottage

7. Walks around the Muckross Lake, Muckross Abbey, Muckross House & Torc Waterfall

8. Knockreer House & Gardens and walking trails and now open Killarney House.

9. Blue Pool Walking Trails (loop)

10. Devil’s Bit and Trails on Mangerton / Torc

Walking in Killarney

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Gap of Dunloe Killarney

Gap of Dunloe Killarney

The Gap of Dunloe Killarney

An Adventure and a real outdoor experience you will never forget “The Gap of Dunloe”
We decided to cycle the through Gap of Dunloe after hearing it was a special thing to do in Killarney.
We rented our bikes from David at the Killarney Bike rental at Flesk Caravan Park just a short walk from our hotel. David charged us €15 per bike we got helmets and a lock for the bike which proved handy when we visited Ross Castle. Our Hotel booked us on the boat with a local legend called “Ducks” according to our Concierge he is the best storyteller on the Lakes of Killarney.

Gap of Dunloe

Gap of Dunloe

We cycled into Killarney and found the playground where we would follow the path to the end and join the main road for a few miles before arriving at “Kate Kearney’s Cottage” an old Poitin house, like “Moonshine” if you get my drift!
From here we entered the Gap of Dunloe a Glacial Valley with a meandering path, walls of Mountains and beautiful lakes. There is a good climb by Turnpike Rock which looks like a gateway to the top. Here we found more Lakes and Bridges which brought us to what’s known as the “Head of the Gap” the highest point of the trip. Now we were looking down into Black Valley and descend slowly enjoying the Views and pass a small Village with fields with stone walls.
There is a sign for Lord Brandon’s Cottage and down that road, you must stop and look back, it has to be the best backdrop on all the sites we have seen in Ireland. A beautiful view with high mountain peaks and beautiful colours before we come across multiple arched bridges down by the Cottage. We had Coffee and fresh Sandwiches in this beautiful location, this was our first sighting of the legend that is “Ducks” he carried our bikes to the Boat and spoke in a dialect you could only imagine in a supernatural Movie. It was a gentle but profound speech as if it was from many years past, never before had we heard such a voice, it was Irish Bliss for us.

Lord Brandons Cottege killarney

Lord Brandon’s Cottage Killarney

We had never heard of the Teezze Weezees, but for those of you who don’t know about them “Ducks” meets them all the time and has great stories to tell about these strange creatures among many other things of great interest. I will not take from your experience by telling you too much but all I can say you will not be disappointed.
There were two White Tailed Sea Eagles flying over ironically what’s known as the Eagles Nest, passed the Meeting of the Waters, Dinis Cottage, another two bridges and back into the big Lake.
We had a good time on the Lakes of Killarney where there is an Old Abbey and Monastery where the High King of Ireland was educated by Monks over 1,000 years ago. The panoramas on the Lakes are unreal, Devil’s Punchbowl, Torc Mountain, Purple Mountain, Oak Woods and so much more.
Arriving at Ross Castle a striking Castle on the landscape rising high above the Lakes. It is here we depart our Boat and say farewell to “Ducks” we heard his father was a Boatman, and his Father and the many fathers before, Shir tis no wonder he has the “Gift of the Gab” and is a True Irish Legend. He told us his real name is Donal O’Donoghue and it’s no surprise Ross Castle was an O’Donoghue stronghold. He passed our bikes to us when everyone else had departed the boat and in an instant, he was gone. We still think to this day did we really meet “Ducks” or was he in our imagination, a magical experience none the less.
We visited Ross Castle before we returned our Bikes and walked back to our Hotel for a well-earned pint of Guinness and a white Wine overlooking our favourite view discussing the great day we had.ross-castle-killarney

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Wild Atlantic Way Ireland – Kerry

Wild Atlantic Way Ireland – Kerry

Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland we will look at “Kerry” in the South West.

Wild Atlantic way, Derrynane

Derrynane National park

Did you know “Kerry” in the South West has Ireland’s largest Coastline for any county in Ireland?

Did you also know Killarney has easy access to all the beautiful routes of the Wild Atlantic Way in Kerry.Wild Atlantic Way Ireland - Kerry

Wild Atlantic Way Kerry Skellig Ring – Valentia

Our best experience of the Wild Atlantic Way in Kerry was defiantly on the Skellig Ring and Valentia, this was mainly due to the fact we brought our bikes on there back of the car and got great advice on what to see. We didn’t think Slea Head and Dingle could be beaten but we found much more in this region. Here is why we loved it so much, firstly I much compliment the maps given to us in our hotel and the advice given to us knowing we had our own bikes.  We drove the traditional Ring of Kerry, Killorglin, Glenbeigh, Cahersiveen and then on to Portmagee, here is where we parked our car and got our bikes ready. We cycled over the bridge to Valentia Island and took a right turn to Chapletown and onto Knightstown named after the “Knights of Kerry” here we found a great surprise, it’s an old Village which operates a ferry to Renard point which is near Cahersiveen.

Portmagee  51°53’9.30″N  /   10°21’57.48″W

I would recommend the Coffee Dock in Knightstown it has great views and a walk on the Mooring on the Marina. The Heritage Museum has all the history of the Trans-Atlantic Cable and radio station on Valentia Island. We found the Tetrapod footprints, Slate Quarry and cycled down the steep road to the Lighthouse which is quite bumpy and steep so take care. We walked our bikes back up to the road to save the legs. Passing Geokaun Mountain trail we will leave for a trip in the car we arrived next at Saint Brendan’s well and an old Pub “O’Shea’s Bar”  / “next stop New York”. The Cliffs here are dangerous so we didn’t go much further and returned to the west end of the island passing the walk to Bray Head with great views of the “Skellig’s” two Islands Skellig Michael and Little Skellig. Back over the bridge and we stopped in the “Bridge bar” for the famous Seafood Chowder and a glass of Guinness.Wild Atlantic Way Ireland Geokaun

Bikes back on the back of our car and its up and over Coom and Easpaig the highest pass in Ireland and down into the steep road so drive carefully. We turned right to Glen Pier where you will find a nice view of the Skellig Islands and then on to Saint Finian’s Bay which also has views of the Skellig Islands. It’s a popular spot for Surfers but not suitable for swimming due to strong currents. To our surprise next, we came across the Skellig Chocolate factory where you get to taste all the types of chocolate they make. An ideal place to buy gifts for Family and Friends along with a very nice Coffee Shop.

Saint Finian’s Bay  51°50’46.80″N  /  10°20’8.74″W

The Road climbs gently with beautiful views of the bay and the Islands and another Island called “Puffin Island” to the right. We stopped on a few times to take lots of photographs, its such a scenic area. Ballinskelligs was our next village there is a beautiful beach and a small Castle on the Beach called McCarthy’s Castle a sister castle to the one at our Hotel.

Ballinskelligs Beach  51°49’15.25″N  /   10°16’24.02″W

Cill Rialaig Art Centre is on the right as you leave Ballinskelligs and we soon turn right for Waterville passing Reenroe beach, another beautiful beach where you can walk for miles.McCarthy's castle Ballinskelligs

At the Church coming into Waterville, we took a left to Glencar a back road recommended to us it is narrow and windy but interesting at the same time so we took a chance and enjoyed it and it eventually took us back to Killarney. You can also continue on the Ring of Kerry to Caherdaniel, Sneem and back to Killarney via Moll’s gap.

Wild Atlantic Way Kerry, Tralee – Brandon area

We started in Killarney and headed for Tralee and then on to the Blenerville Windmill, from here we took the N86 to Castlegregory. We wanted to see Rough Point on the right-hand side of Brandon Bay, a good spot to see nice Surf. We also wanted to see Brandon Point on the other side of the bay with its magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and Brandon Bay. On calm days you can see Dolphins and the odd Whale from here if you are lucky and spend some time watching. The village of Brandon is small but quite interesting, as we got back to Kilcumin Beach there is a Keel of an Old Boat called the Port Yarroak which was loaded with Copper, it sunk in 1894 with no survivors. On a calm day, it looks a nice place to set Anchor bout it is well known for its big Atlantic swells.

We walked the beach at Brandon to see what was left of the Port Yarrock there is a monument to those who perished here and you can only see it in low tide. There were people surfing not far from the Keel of the Boat which sticks up like someone standing on the water. Brandon Bay is worth a visit and especially we liked Brandon point, its a bit of a trek but if you like remote scenery its worth it.

Waterville, Sneem, Kenmare and Lauragh

Heading into Waterville you should take the Coast Road by the Golf Links there are great views of Ballinskellig’s Bay, Legend has it it was here Oisín rode his white horse to Tír na nÓg (land of the youth)

Tarbert, Beal, Ballyheigue, Tralee coming soon!

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Derrynane House Caherdaniel

Derrynane House Caherdaniel

Derrynane House Caherdaniel


A short drive from Caherdaniel Village on the Ring of Kerry there is one of Ireland’s most beautiful National Parks at Derrynane. The House once home to the great “Liberator” Daniel O’Connell, Derrynane House and Gardens are open to visitors. This is a great stop on the Ring of Kerry to walk and enjoy the House, Coffe shop in the Courtyard and the best of all the Gardens and the Fairy trails.

  • Derrynane Beach

Kerry Blue Flag beaches

Kerry Blue Flag beaches

Derrynane Beach

Beautiful  Abbey Beach Derrynane, above left Middle Beach, top right the Long Beach Derrynane.


  • Derrynane House

Derrynane House

Derrynane House

Ahamore Tearooms

Ahamore Tearooms Derrynane

  • The Gardens at Derrynane

Derrynane Gardens

Derrynane Gardens

  • The Derrynane Fairy trails

Fairy Trails Derrynane

  • Ahamore Tearooms Derrynane

Fairy trail Maps at Derrynane

Fairy Trail Maps at Derrynane

At the Ahamore tearooms, you can enjoy great friendly service and food and snacks along with a fantastic selection of Ice Cream. Donate to a local charity and get a Fairy Trail Map and explore the magnificent grounds of Derrynane House and Gardens, you might even come across an ancient Stone Circle and Daniel O’Connell’s Summer Home.


Derrynane House opening times:

16th March to 30th September 2019

Daily 10.30 – 18.00

1st Oct to 3rd Nov
Daily 10.00 – 17.00

9th Nov – 8th Dec
Weekends only:10.00 – 16.00

Adult: €5.00
Group/Senior: €4.00
Child/Student: €3.00
Family: €13.00

Last Admission 45 minutes before closing.


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Ring of Kerry Tour

    Ring of Kerry Tour

     Our Experience on the “Famous Ring of Kerry” and some valuable information


    Our Family: 2 Adults and 3 Kids, (9, 12, 16) This was our first time and won’t be our last loved it and will be back many times

    What can I say, the Ring of Kerry tour it is regarded to be in the Top 10 most scenic Day trip/drives in the World so went to see if would it stand up to the Mystic. We left around 10 am after a relaxing morning, breakfast a quick walk to McCarthy’s Castle just outside our window. It was a cloudy but bright day and we were so looking forward to our magical journey on the “Ring of Kerry”. Leaving Killarney we passed a beautiful Church called Saint Mary’s Cathedral and had a quick visit, we continued on to Killorglin and eventually, we stopped at the Kerry Bog Village halfway between Killorglin and Glenbeigh. The Kid’s loved it, the old “Famine” Houses people lived in in the 1800’s many of which left for the USA and Canada because of the failure of the Potato crop. There is also Bog Ponies here which the Kids could ride and there is a Pub next door called the Red Fox Inn.

    Kerry Bog Village GPS :  52° 4’24.23″N    /    9°52’53.90″W 

    After the Kerry Bog Village on the left, there is a magnificent backdrop of the meandering river and beautiful mountains which leads to an old bridge we will cross down the road. We arrived at Glenbeigh next to a nice village with a spectacular beach at Rossbeigh, we were told you can go horse riding and a  10Km Beach gallops here. We carried on our journey through the Ring of Kerry and around every corner there seems to be a better view.

    Views of Dingle Bay    52° 2’10.06″N  /    10° 2’2.59″W 

    After some windy roads with an Old Railway track on your left a high railway bridge and a Pub in the middle of nowhere called “Caitins” with views of Dingle Bay. Here we were told to stop at Daniel O’Connell’s birthplace on the left before you get to Cahersiveen and a museum in an old Police station / Barracks which was designed to be built in India only someone got the plans crossed. Beside the Old Barracks, we took the road to see two round forts and Ballycarbery Castle still standing even though blown up by Oliver Cromwell the Queen of England’s General.

    Ring of Kerry Castle

    Ballycarbery Castle

    Ballycarbery Castle       51°56’57.72″N  /   10°15’34.26″W

    After Cahersiveen we added the Skellig Ring to our day trip by taking a Car Ferry to Valentia a 10-minute crossing we even saw Dolphins and great views. The Skellig Ring is a great add-on to the Ring of Kerry and is for Cars and Mini Busses, Motor Bikes and Bicycles, it was highly recommended by our hotel and wow was it a great add-on to our day. On Valentia, we stopped at the Coffee Dock the Kids had hot Chocolate while we enjoyed a great Coffee. We also visited the Lighthouse, Tetrapod Footprints dating back 365 million years, 200 million years before Dinasaraus and a Grotto in a Slate Quarry with the most magnificent views. This is the Ireland we came to see and so interesting here on the Skellig Ring and couldn’t wait to see what comes next…

    Valentia Island Lighthouse     51°55’54.78″N  /    10°19’22.77″W

    On Valentia, you can make your own candles which my Kids loved and nearby there is Ireland’s most remote Pub near Saint Brendan’s well used for a Guinness Commercial with “Next stop New York” painted on the side it is not a real pub but great for a photo shoot. One of the famous Trans Atlantic Cables to New Foundland in Canada in 1866 was laid from Valentia near Bray Head, it is at the west side of the Island and has a nice walk with great views of the Skelligs, two islands out in the Atlantic ocean. One Island was inhabited by Monks since the 5th Century, recently Star Wars was filmed here.

    Bray Head Valentia      51°53’9.00″N  /   10°25’28.15″W

    We stopped for lunch in the Moorings / Bridge Bar just off the bridge from Valentia as recommended by the Manager in our hotel, it was Seafood Chowder for us and Kids had Scampi and chips a favourite for most Kids.

    Bridge Bar Portmagee    51°53’9.03″N  /   10°21’56.55″W

    We were looking forward to Saint Finian’s Bay and another view of the Skellig Islands where we were told if you call out “Up the Kingdom” local football slang at the Islands in the distance you will hear your echo return to you. Well, we did it but no echo today it was quite breezy. There is a nice surprise at the Bay when you are leaving there is a Chocolate Factory which is very interesting you can taste the chocolate and buy gifts to bring home. Make sure you see the Chocolate high heeled Shoe its a work of art, a quick note make sure your Kids behave or they will give them a Puppy and an Expresso to take away.

    The Kerry Cliffs, nicer than the Cliffs of Moher ??

    Be your own judge, many people prefer the Kerry Cliffs, looking out over Puffin Island, Little and Great Skellig Rocks. They are a way higher than the Cliffs of Moher, less touristy and have a safety railing which allows visitors to get that wow experience looking down 1,000 feet. It was amazing to stand over the West of Ireland and look out into the Atlantic Ocean from such a height, not to be missed.

    Ring of Kerry Cliffs

    Ring of Kerry Cliffs

    Skellig Chocolate factory      51°50’44.65″N  /   10°19’49.25″W

    Ballinskelligs next and McCarthy’s Castle at the Beach, to the left across the bay we could see Waterville, it will be our next shop. Arriving into Waterville we see old terraced houses on the left all painted different colours then a beautiful Church overlooking the Atlantic called Saint Michael’s and an interesting Museum inside with local History.

    Saint Michael’s Church Waterville  51°49’41.82″N  /   10°10’25.41″W

    We come across a two Statues one of a Local Football star and one of the most famous men in history “Charlie Chaplin” a regular visitor in the late 1960’s and was a great friend of Billy and Mary Huggard who ran the Butler Arms hotel. It was Billy’s son at our Hotel gave us a heads up on Charlie Chaplin whose family still visit here regularly. We spent some time in Waterville and then travelled towards Caherdaniel and a visit to Derrynane Beach.

    The Drive from Waterville is just magnificent, there is an Ancient Standing Stone row on the left just a short drive from the Village, and next stop is Loher Church, it has to be the most amazing place to get married, it looks down on the Atlantic Ocean wow what a view.

    Loher Church Ring of Kerry

    Loher Church Ring of Kerry

    Loher Church    51°48’4.86″N  /   10°10’4.70″W

    Coomakesta Pass is a little further on with great views and a big car park to get out and stretch your legs. This part of the Ring of Kerry is very scenic, our Kids at this stage want to get out of the car so we headed for Derrynane House and walked the beaches to an old Abbey nearly on the sand. Derrynane House is a Museum and was the home of Daniel O’Connell “The Liberator”.

    Derrynane House   51°45’48.28″N  /   10° 7’43.54″W

    We found Derrynane Sea Sports and our Kids rented Kayaks and went out into a safe bay for an hour and we relaxed on the beach and took photos here it’s very picturesque there. We will bring the swimsuits and towels next time and make a day trip here and so did we, even if it is raining there are walks around Derrynane House we even found some unusual Fairylike ornaments in the Gardens and woodlands of the house. Leaving the Village of Caherdaniel my daughter noticed a Riding Stables so we took a look and we got Lucky with our expecting to be doing a trail we were offered a half-hour trail over the sand as the tide was out, perfect as a family we had a private guide, Caroline who was very interesting. This was great now the Kids finally got to do things the like the best so we were all happy now. We left Caherdaniel & Derrynane with fond memories we passed a few good scenic points on the way even Ireland’s only Beach Bar and on to see Staigue Fort which is free to view this Ancient structure. We were running late enough and had booked our evening meal in the Lakeside Bistro at our hotel for 8 pm so we made our way back to Sneem and took a short cut to Moll’s Gap and left Kenmare for our next visit. We stopped at the Leprechaun crossing at ladies view for Photographs and left Muckross House, the Abbey for the next day, we did take a look at Torc waterfall which was very nice, it was a magnificent day and we will return.

    Lake Side Bistro Killarney

    Lake Side Bistro Killarney

    Lake Side Bistro Killarney   52° 2’19.56″N  /    9°29’59.03″W

    I would just like to mention, the Lake Hotel in Killarney was recommended to me by my friend who is a travel agent and our trip To Ireland could not have been better, this Hotel and its staff made our Vacation, the information given by the Manager, the front desk and all the fun we had in the Pub and throughout the hotel. I did ask could we do a write up on the Hotel and Niall the Manager told me they were doing a web site with customers experiences on it and it would be great if we would add our Ring of Kerry experience so this was it.

    Thanks again

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