Top 10 Walks in Killarney

Derrycunnehy to Lord Brandon's Cottage and back

Amazing Woodland walk through Ireland’s best preserved Oak Wood at Derrycunnehy. Situated 1 km the Killarney side of Ladies View.

As you exit the Oak Woods on a clear day you will have a beautiful views of the Eastern Ridge of the magnificent MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. Standing at over 3,000 feet and rising sharply. This is also a great place to spot White Tailed Sea Eagles, Buzzards and a variety of birds.

  • Parking available
  • Good boots recommended
  • The Queen’s Cottage
  • Derrycunnehy Falls
  • Lunch at Lord Brandon’s Cottage

Cardiac Steps a local favourite

This is ideal in wet weather because you get a break from the elements, however be cautious as it can be slippy in places. A loop walk 4.7 km or full version taking in Torc Waterfall is 8 km, climb the hundreds of steps and walk across the face of Torc Mountain. It is a tough climb up the steps so you will need to be fit enough. On the top you will have some great vistas of the National park, pass a wishing well, see an old Hermit’s hut. You can also visit

  • Views of Muckross House, Ross Castle, Middle and Lower Lake, Lake Hotel and Killarney town.

Torc Mountain

Possible the best view for less effort than other higher mountains in Kerry

Parking is available at Torc Waterfall and higher up on the Queens Drive, in the Upper Car Park.

  • Parking available
  • Good boots recommended
  • The Old Kenmare road.
  • Views of the Upper Lakes
  • Looking down on all of Killarney, take your time up here and enjoy the view.

Walk around the Middle Lake

This is a very nice walk with plenty of interesting places to stop. you can park at Muckross House and walk around the lake its 10 km or 6 miles. You can also walk from the Lake Hotel and it makes up 15 km. Cycling this route is also an option, bike rental ……

You can also get a boat from halfway around a Dinis Cottage to Muckross House, they also do return journeys.

  • Muckross Abbey
  • Secluded beaches
  • Colleen Bawn Rock
  • Bricin Bridge
  • Dinis Cottage Tea rooms
  • The Meeting of the Waters
  • Torc Waterfall
  • Dundag Beach & the Old Boathouse
  • Muckross House

Mangerton Mountain and the Devil's Punchbowl

A Mountain it is so decent footwear is required, the first couple of hundred meters it can be a bit soft and wet so be patient after that it starts to improve. When parking please leave space for local residents and emergency service personnel. 

The climb is tough enough in the middle part but worth it as you get near the Devil’s Punchbowl it get easier and the views are getting better.

10.8 km ViewRanger Map here

Video of Mangerton in the Snow

Tomies Wood and O'Sullivan's Cascade

This walk is generally a tree lined walk so ideal all year around. Family friendly with some beautiful vistas. Start at Ross Castle and take the old mining trail.

Views :

  • Ross Castle can we visited
  • Mines date back over 4,000 Years
  • Innisfallen Island is straight out from Ross Castle
  •  White Tailed Sea Eagles can be seen from Library Point and Governors rock

Ross Castle and the Old Copper Mines

Ross Castle is worth a visit but so is the mining trail and the Old Copper Mines.

The start of the mining trail is to the east (left as you look at the castle from the car park). It will lead you down near the lake shore where you can see a flooded mine shaft and its green colour from the Copper.

  • Copper was mined here over 4,000 years ago and more recently in the 1800’s
  • From the pier at Ross Castle you can get a boat trip to Innisfallen Abbey on Innisfallen island, this is highly recommended and is off the main tourist track.


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