Muckross Abbey Killarney

Cloisters at Muckross Abbey

Experience the beautiful Muckross Abbey, find your own special place. We recommend doing a little exploring around the Abbey there are so many photo opportunities.

Bring your Camera

Muckross Abbey Killarney

Yew tree said to be older than the Abbey

This Yew tree is said to be over 500 years old, this area of the Abbey is very photogenic and very popular with local photographers and ideal for wedding photos.

Check out different light angles

Cloisters Muckross Abbey

Walk, Jog or Cycle to the Abbey

Muckross Abbey is free to enter and can be reached by walking and Cycling and is an ideal stop while jogging in the National park.

Enjoy the fresh air of the National Park

Muckross Abbey in Killarney

Closer detail at Muckross Abbey

Looking a bit deeper at Muckross Abbey you will find some strange markings, you can research the Chieftain Donal  McCarthy who funded the building of the Abbey.

Take time to explore

Walk through Muckross Abbey

Check out the video below its a walk through Muckross Abbey to give you some idea what you will see.

Muckross Abbey Killarney

Did you know ?

Muckross Abbey in Killarney was built in 1448 AD, it was funded by Donal McCarthy of the McCarthy Mór.

  • The Fransiscan Monks were attacked here many times over the years.
  • Cromwells General Ludlow and his troops burned the Abbey along with the Castle at Castlelough on the grounds of the Lake Hotel.
  • Donal McCarthy was also known as the “Last King” of the McCarthy Clan.
  • Donal is buried in Muckross Abbey
  • He was known as “Dan the Feathers” locally for collecting feathers from the Queen’s soldiers plum helmets.
  • He was also known as a great womaniser and wine drinker.

Lunch by the Lakes

The Lakeside Bistro at the Lake Hotel is a great place to stop for Lunch. It is also an ideal stop for drinks overlooking the beautiful 12th Century Castle. They have a live webcam of the views.

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Cycling map of Killarney