Craft Beer in Killarney

Craft Beer in Killarney

Craft Beer in Killarney

Killarney Hotel to introduce a Craft Beer from an Old Family Recipe dating back to 1912 AD

The Huggard family at the Lake Hotel are introducing Beers like the ones made by their Grandparents during both Wars in the last Century. The Flagship Beer will be called “Martin Huggard 1912”

Craft Beer in Killarney

Craft Beer in Killarney

Visit the Lakeside Bistro overlooking the Lakes of Killarney

An Irish Pale Ale worthy of his name :

Huggard Craft Beer in Killarney

Huggard Craft Beer in Killarney


A few things about Martin Huggard :

  • He was a hands on Entrepreneur ran a shop along with two Hotels in Waterville Co. Kerry
  • A decade later Martin and Julia Mary started Ireland’s first Hotel chain, 7 hotels in all
  • Martin supplied the Gresham Hotel in Dublin with wine during the second World war from Waterville.
  • Due to rations in hard times Martin brewed Beer regularly and was able to supply the Royal in Valentia and the Lake Hotel in Killarney
  • Martin was also a Fisherman and a Farmer but now put all his efforts into the Hotels offering traditional Hospitality and local produce.
  • The Huggard’s became Ireland’s first Hotel school with the “Huggard trained” standard which is still remembered by many in the industry today….more….

Martin Huggard’s 1912 beer is bottle conditioned, few people will be offering such a traditional and artisan way of getting beer into a bottle, and as a result the taste is so much more tasty and natural.


Our Brewing Process

1:   Select only the best ingredients

2:   Add a characterful master brewer (Nik ‘the hat’) and traditional brewing equipment

3:   Heat pure filtered spring water to around 70 degrees C

4:   Mix this fresh heated water with your specialist selection of malts and leave for an hour or so

5:   Drain off the malt extract (wort)

6:   Boil with our secret selection of hops for another hour or so

7:   Drain off and cool the resulting crafted wort into a fermenter

8:   Add our strain of yeast and let the magic begin

Killarney beer

Killarney beer

Now serving Draught (from the tap) in the Devil’s Punchbowl Bar at the Lake Hotel

For non Beer drinkers

For non Beer drinkers 🙂 try a “Lakeside Dream” overlooking the Lakes of Killarney.


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