Bluebells in Killarney

Bluebells in Killarney

Bluebells in Killarney

Late April and into May each year in Killarney you will see a blanket of Bluebells appear in the Killarney National Park. This is a great time to Visit Ross Island near Ross Castle and beside the main road just past the Lake Hotel on the Muckross road. You can find them throughout the park but these areas are easily accessible and a short walk.

Bluebells in Killarney National park

Along with the Bluebells, there is also a blanket of wild garlic which you can smell while walking through the Park. This time of the year the whole National park comes alive, most of the trees are showing their leaves as the Oaks are just starting to open the buds. This is a great time to visit Killarney, the longer evenings, warmer days, early sunrises with the morning call sounds from the birds.

Bluebells near the Lake Hotel in Killarney

The Red Deer are quiet, Stags are throwing their Antlers, the females are getting ready to Calf and the Rhododendron are showing buds.

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